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Keywords: E-Learning , catechism learning management, SDLC, Prototype


Manase Bauana 2020 , Designing a Web- Based Catechism E-Learning System at the Maranatha Oebufu GMIT Church . Lecturer Supervisor I John Einstein , Kom ., M.Cs and lecturer Supervisor II Asti Yunita Benu , S.Pd ., M.Pd .

E-Learning is one of the forms of education that combine motivation , communication , efficiency and technology . However , along with the times , E-Learning can also be used by the general public , especially in the Church environment . Based on a review at the Oebufu Maranatha GMIT Church .

Researchers discovered the problem at the time of teaching catechism among other things: a lot of the content of the Bible that should be studied , while the time of learning is very short ie a week once . So much the content of the Bible that do not have time to in the study as a whole because of passages book or material catechism only be obtained from the teacher at the time of learning in church , time for teachers is very short .

The aim is to make it easier for teachers to present Catechism learning materials through Website - based E-Learning and to make it easier for catechism members to learn learning materials . The method that is used in the development of the system is SDLC ( Software Development Live Cycle ) with engineering prototype.

The results of the research it is a system of e-learning -based website that facilitates faculty and members of the teaching catechism . The results of system testing on the usability aspect obtained a percentage of 82 , 04 % ( Very good or feasible ).


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