Elsa Hilda Anisa Lenggu
Agnes M. Diana Rafael
Christmas Prasetia Ate


Morphology is the one field of study in micro linguistics that studies morphemes that can be used to form a sentence in a language. Each language has each own morphology system. It means that each language has it own way to the convey words. One of the famous ethnic languages is spoken by the people in Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The purpose of this research is to identify compound words and types of compound words in the Bilba dialect. The type of this research is qualitative research. The data used in this study were taken from informants who are native speakers of the Bilba dialect. Method using on this study are observation and field interviews. The analysis result shows that compound words in Bilba dialect are formed by the combination of two words that have different meanings in the same and different class of words. In Bilba dialect there are seven processes of compound words that can be classified into three types of compound words namely, compound nouns, compound verbs, and compound adjectives.



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Lenggu, E. H. A., Rafael, A. M. D., & Ate, C. P. (2021). COMPOUND WORD ANALYSIS OF BILBA DIALECT IN ROTENESE LANGUAGE. Lecture : Linguistics, Education, Culture, and Literature, 1(1), 41–48. Retrieved from