Itin Asri Doko
Agnes M. Diana Rafael
Selfiana T.M Ndapa Lawa


In daily conversation, people usually mix one language with the other languages. They usually do a code mixing unintentionally. Code mixing becomes one of unique phenomena in a language. This activity also occurs in Savunese community in Fatufeto, Kupang city, East Nusa Tenggara. This society usually mix Savunese language with Indonesian as they talk with eath other on this area.Their partner of speaking also respond by using code mixing. This research focuses on code mixing that occurs in formal and informal situation in Savunese community in Fatufeto, Kupang city in East Nusa Tenggara. The purpose of this study are to find out the types and factors of using code mixing. The research is a type of qualitative research that uses observation and interview as data gathering techniques. The data used in this study were taken from several informants who are eligible by fulfulling the criteria as informants. The result shows that there are two types of code mixing, namely inner code mixing and outer code mixing, the total data found by researcher is 24. 16 data is inner code mixing and 8 data for outer code mixing.  From the data, it can be concluded that the type of code mixing which is more dominant is inner code mixing, while outer code mixing rarely occurs because foreign language (for example English, etc) are rarely used and are difficult to pronounce by parents in the community Fatufeto. In addition, factors that cause code mixing in conversations in Savunese ccomunity in Fatufeto are linguistic, language maintenance and the background of the speakers factors.


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