JUKANTI is a scientific journal of Information Technology anda Education which contains the topic:

Artificial Intelligence & Application, Computer Networking & Security, Computer-Based Multimedia Retrievel, Decision Suport System, Data Warehouse & Data Mining, E-System, Fuzzy Logic, Geographics Information System (GIS), Human & Computer Interaction, Image Processing, Information System, Mobile Computing & Application, Multimedia System, Neural Network, Pattern Recognition, Learning Innovation, Educational Multimedia Development, Learning Media and E-learning.

No. ISSN ONLINE : 2621-1467

JUKANTI Published starting : September 2018 by STKIP Citra Bina Nusantara

And as of April 30 2019, based on letter decree Kemenristekdikti No. 285/KPT/I/2019 concerning Permit to Merge STIKES Citra Husada Mandiri Kupang and STKIP Citra Bina Nusantara to become Universitas Citra Bangsa in Province East Nusa Tenggara organized by the Citra Bina Insan Mandiri Foundation.

So JUKANTI, starting from Volume 2 No. 2, will be published by Universitas Citra Bangsa 

Based on the Letter of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Directorate General of Higher Education Research and Technology Number 0010/E5/KI.02.04.2022 Regarding Notification of the Results of Scientific Journal Accreditation Period II of 2021 it was informed that the Journal of Information Technology Education (JUKANTI) with ISSN: 26211467 Obtaining New Accreditation Rank 4 from Volume 2 Number 2 of 2019 to Volume 7 Number 1 of 2024

The following letter attachments can be downloaded here